Group Training

Choosing to develop your team’s communication skills will enhance their ability to give internal and external persuasive presentations. Learning how to organize topics and develop content creates focus, which keeps the audience listening.

The dynamic of small group coaching allows participants to benefit from speaking in front of and learning from others, while receiving individual feedback to improve their skills as well as message content.

Participants will build confidence as they learn how to:

  • Plan a presentation
  • Define what the audience needs to know
  • Draft an outline
  • Practice delivery
  • Respond to off-the-cuff questions
  • Present before a group

Prepare your team for:

  • Business Meeting Presentations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Other Presentations

Training will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group.


“Our team leaders enjoyed significant success at improving their public speaking and overall interpersonal communication…Marilyn’s flexible approach created the environment for their success… her method of teaching foundational core communication elements along with a customized plan paid off. I highly recommend her.”

Rick Meyerkopf, VP, Hannaford Bros. Co.


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Group Training

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