About Marilyn

Marilyn is a speech coach and certified trainer. She enjoys sharing her expertise with her clients, teaching valuable communication skills so they can become confident and effective speakers.

She knows what it’s like to fear public speaking… it’s not pleasant. She used to be petrified to present even in a small group setting. Finally she faced her fear and joined Toastmasters International, an organization that helps people overcome the fear of public speaking. She was involved with Toastmasters International for over 10 years, where she developed her speaking and leadership skills to earn the designation of Distinguished Toastmaster.

Strong communication skills enable people to reach their personal and professional goals. Marilyn has worked successfully with companies, groups and individuals, teaching them the steps necessary to develop those skills. For beginner and even experienced speakers, sometimes the biggest challenge is learning to be themselves. In her easy and positive manner, she makes the process enjoyable and effective. She overcame her fear of public speaking and honed her skills; she can help you do the same.


“Marilyn is always positive with a high level of energy, and she was able to improve the content of my delivery while boosting my confidence and enthusiasm. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking abilities.”

Dale Jennings, President Jennings Information Systems Consulting

“Every pastor struggles to communicate complex concepts with clarity, conciseness, and above all genuineness. With a professional attitude and a highly individualistic approach, Marilyn Page gave me the tools I needed to be able to communicate effectively… despite my own weakness!”

Rev. Carsten Lotz, Ph.D

“Our team leaders enjoyed significant success at improving their public speaking and overall interpersonal communication… Marilyn’s flexible approach created the environment for their success… her method of teaching foundational core communication elements along with a customized plan paid off. I highly recommend her.”

Rick Meyerkopf, Vice PresidentHannaford Bros. Co.

“Marilyn has a dynamic presence and provides the process of speech development that removes the intimidation of public speaking. She helped me change my thought process from fear and anxiety to, ‘I`m excited to give this presentation.’ The tools she gave me help me organize my thoughts and define my audience, and then I can plan my outline and create the program.  I still refer to my original notes and the tools she gave me every time I prepare a presentation.”

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