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Welcome to Speaking to Connect

Speaking to Connect is dedicated to teaching clients how to develop strong and lasting communication skills. No matter what level your current speaking ability is, public speaking is a skill which can be learned and improved. As you develop your ability to connect with your audience and deliver your message with comfort and clarity, you’ll be ready and eager to pursue the many speaking opportunities that await you and your business. And most importantly, you’ll be relaxed when presenting so that your unique personality and style will come through naturally.

Do Speaking Skills Matter?

Have you ever walked away from a speaking event thinking to yourself, ‘ That speaker was interesting…I like that person.’? This is because the speaker knew how to tell their story, how to communicate and connect with the audience.

What about sales events? Whether we’re promoting an idea, a service or a product, we’re selling. Have you ever been stumped by the sales process, wondering what could have been said or not said in order to gain new business? Improving your presentation skills involves learning the art of persuasion, staying on topic and being comfortable. Once these skills are mastered they can be applied to any speaking opportunity, which will increase your opportunity for success.

Speaking Skills Do Matter! Whatever your speaking challenge, developing strong communication skills is key to greater success and we can help.


  • Stand out above the competition
  • Present your message with impact
  • Hold the interest of your audience
  • Put fear behind you, and
  • Speak genuinely and confidently

If yes, then it may be time to consider working with a speech coach; time to master the art of public speaking. You’ll be surprised at the progress you’ll make…. and it won’t take as much time as you might think.

Schedule a free consultation to determine if speech coaching is right for you. We will design a coaching package that will meet your specific goals.



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